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HANA Research Group Activities

HANA research activities cover several aspects of computer communications and advanced heterogeneous wired and wireless networking and applications. Currently, a substantial amount of research focuses on ad hoc, Vanets and sensor networks in which a particular interest is directed towards autonomic behavior and operation, security and QoS handling and support.

The list covers the main research themes covered by the different members of HANA, the research and cooperation projects conducted recently in the few past years and those under current investigations.

HANA Research Group members are currently serving as TPC members of many outstanding international and regional conferences specialized in the field of communications and networking: IEEE Globecom, IEEE ICCC, IEEE LCN, IEEE WiMob, IEEE GIIS, CFIP, etc. Virtually all members are actively involved in the reviewing process of several international conferences and journals.

HANA Research Group remains open to benificial international research cooperation with similar national and international research groups and research laboratories. The NEWS menu provides certains upcoming national and international research project proposals endorsed by The DGRST which may be undertaken jointly by several research groups.