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HANA Research Group Publications

The herein included list of publications is restricted to the period starting from the date the HANA Reseach Group was launched (2003). This list is kept as comprehensive and up to date as possible.

The list covers all types of publications done by the group members as in books and chapters, journals, international conferences, national conferences, research reports and even developped software and add ons. You may browse each category aside or you may choose to inspect the complete list of publications sorted in decreasing order of the date of publishing.

Abstracts fo some publications are included and may be inspected or even downloaded. Some conference papers, journal articles and research reports could be inspected on line or downloaded for off line reading. Publications that are not available for downloading require a special permission to be directed to the web Manager or to one of their authors. Developped software and add ons require also such a permission.

To look for a given particular publication or document, you may use the search engine included at the top of each page. Papers, articles and documents published earlier should be directly sought from their corresponding author(s).