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This section is devoted to the relevant question of conference and journal ranking. Since research activities and projects evaluations and tenure and promotion are evaluated by professionals in disciplines other than yours, the rankings of journals and conferences in your very fine discipline often serve as adequate representative and appropriate surrogate measures of quality. Had you published in top-ranked journals and conferences, be sure to highlight the ranking of those journals and conferences in your promotion and tenure applications and dossiers.
Conference and journal rankings have been investigated and elaborated by many professional individuals and institutions. Various criteria are deployed and different rankings are provided, yet all of them deliver adequate evaluation measures. For instance, the Thomson Reuters provides a road may for measuring of journal performances, their impact factors and a complete analysis trend.
The directory of open access journals DOAJ provides a nice supportive service that covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals in various research fields and where currently 1615 journals are searchable at article level Directory Open Access Journals
A rich index of information systems journals is provided in Index of Information Systems Journals
Some representative computer science conference ranking can be found at :
The "To Consult" space provides, among others, a quick way to relevant ranking URLs.