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Abdelfettah Belghith and Mohamed Aissa, "Machine-to-machine performance metrics: challenges, solutions and research opportunities", World Symposium on Web Applications and Networking (WSWAN'15), Sousse, Tunisia, March 21-23, 2015.
Mohamed Amine Abid, Abdelfettah Belghith and Khalil Drira, "SARP: A dynamically readjustable period size proactive routing protocol for MANETs", Journal namof Computer and System Sciences, Elsevier, Available online November 15, 2014.
Imen Jemili, Ghazi Tekaya and Abdelfettah Belghith, "A Fast Multi Path Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks", The 11th ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA'14), Doha, Qatar, November 10-13, 2014.
Imen Jemili,  Dhouha GhrabAmine Dhraief,  Abdelfettah Belghith, Ahmed Al-Mogren and Hassan Mathkour, "CHRA: a coloring based hierarchical routing algorithm", Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, Springer, online 08 November 2014.
Syrine Tlili, José M. Fernandez, Abdelfettah Belghith, Bilel Dridi, Soufien Hidouri, "Scalable Security Verification of Software at Compile Time", 14th IEEE International Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manupilation, Victoria British Columbia, Canada, September 28-29, 2014.
Chourouk Hammami, Achraf Gazdar and Abdelfettah Belghith, "Departure Handling in Hybrid Live P2P Streaming Protocol", The 16th International Telecommunications Network Strategiy and Planning Symposium: NETWORKS'14, September 17-19, Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal, 2014.
Imen Mahjri, Amine Dhraief, Issam Mabrouki, Abdelfettah Belghith and Khalil Drira, "An Integrated Framework for Localization and Coverage Maintenance in Wireless Sensor Networks", The International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC 2014), Nicosia, Cyprus, August 4-8, 2014.

Amine DhraiefImen Mahjri and Abdelfettah Belghith, "A Performance Evaluation of the Coverage Configuration Protocol and its Applicability to Precision Agriculture", a book chapter from IGI Book Title: "Multidisciplinary Perspective on Telecommunications, Wireless Systems, and Mobile Computing", DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4715-2.ch007, 2014.   http://www.irma-international.org/chapter/a-performance-evaluation-of-the-coverage-configuration-protocol-and-its-applicability-to-precision-agriculture/105675/

Raik Aissaoui, Hamid Mnaouer, Amine Dhraief, Fethi Filali, Abdelfettah Belghith and Adnan Abu-Dayya, "Advanced Real-Time Traffic Monitoring System based on V2X Communications", The IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC'14, Sydney, Australia, June 10-14, 2014.
Mohamed Aissa, Abdelfettah Belghith, "Quality of Clustering in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks", ANT/SEIT 2014: 245-252, Elsevier Procedia Computer Science 32 ( 2014 ) 245 – 252, 2014.